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Quality Surf Shop on 30A

We Carry

We Carry


We sell many different kinds of skim, surf, and body boards varying in sizes, colors, materials, and shapes. We have something for everyone-starter boards all the way up to pro level boards! 

Surf apparel & footwear

Boardshorts, swimsuits, flipflops, hats, and everything else you need for the beach. Quality brands like Reef, Sanuk, Billabong, Volcom, Hurley, Oakley, Oneil, Ripcurl and much more. And don't forget to grap one of our shop T-shirts!

Suncare Products

We have what you need to protect yourself from the sun! Lotion, sprays, as well as after sun cool-down products! And don't forget we have sun shirts and hats for a higher sun protection!


We carry all the many of different types of sunglasses you may need! Including Oakley, Maui Jim, Smith, Ray-Bans, Suncloud Peppers, and more great brands!

Online Shopping

Online Shopping
Sunset Surf

Are you too far away from the store or just having trouble finding a way out to our shop at 30a? We are devolping an online eBay store delivering the products you want right to your door!

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